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  • Ryder Racks are custom anodized aluminum truck racks built to fit any pickup
  • Every ladder rack is custom built to each buyers’ specifications and dimensions
  • Our ladder racks are built with anodized aluminum for a protective shine
  • Fully welded hand-crafted joints to maximize strength and appearance
  • Come standard with 3 cross members with a four foot overhang
  • 45 minute installation and easily removable
  • Average weight of racks is 70-80 pounds
  • Aluminum wind deflector is included
  • Will not rust, chip, or corrode
  • Estimated for 1500 pounds
  • Freight Available


  • We accept all major credit cards.
  • $300 minimum deposit required.
  • Racks can be paid with a credit card, check, or cash.
  • If paying in full with a credit card, the balance will be charged the day the rack ships out.


  • Tie Down Cleats
    • Bottom of Legs (Inside) $100
    • Bottom of Legs (Outside) $100
    • Top of Legs (Inside) $100
    • Top of Legs (Outside) $100
  • Cord Hangers
    • Front Left Leg $35
    • Front Right Leg $35
    • Back Left Leg $35
    • Back Right Leg $35
  • Ratchet Straps
    • Front Left Leg $100
    • Front Right Leg $100
    • Back Left Leg $100
    • Back Right Leg $100
  • Additional Crossmember
    • Center of Bed $60
    • Center of Cab $60
  • Cooler Holder $80
  • Non-Drilling Mounts $100
  • Camper Shell Pads $100
  • Step Ladder Holder $120
  • Full Length Bedrails 6′ Beds $150
  • Full Length Bedrails 8′ Beds $175
  • Side Sign 6′ Beds $175
  • Side Sign 8′ Beds $200
  • Removable Back Bar $200
  • Removable Middle Bar $200
  • Window Guard $200
  • Chevrolet Logo $250
  • Vertical Studs $20
  • Rear Leg Angle Preference 15° 7° 0°
  • Rounded End or Capped End Rounded Capped
  • Other Custom Mods $75 /hour


  • Racks are shipped fully assembled
  • Will ship anywhere freight is offered
  • Buyers zip code will be needed to give an accurate price
  • Freight prices include shipping, handling, and packaging materials
  • Wrapped in static-cling plastic and cardboard to eliminate scratches
Custom Truck Ladder Rack Freight
* All prices are estimates for commercial addresses.
$75 residential delivery fee will apply. To avoid this fee, have the rack shipped to your local lumber supply.


  • Every truck’s dimensions are different do to different makes/models/bed liners.
  • Since our racks are welded and do not bolt together, measurements should be accurate.
  • Every rack has six simple measurements needed before it can be made.
    • Front Width – The front inside dimension of the bed rails.
    • Back Width – The back inside dimension of the bed rails
    • Length – The outside distance of the pads (front to back)
    • Height – The distance from top of the bed rail to the bottom of the rack. (Generally 1.5″ or 2″ above the the cab.)
    • Inside Dimension – The inside distance of the side rails. (Generally 50″-52″ on full size trucks)
    • Forward Length – The distance of cab overhang. (4ft or 5ft) 5ft is $50 more.


All of our ladder racks are installed with stainless steel hardware. To install the front pads of ryder racks we use 5/16 plush nuts whenever a bolt/nut is not accessible. Plush nuts are steel anchors that mushroom inside the bed rail to leave a permanent nut. After the front plush nuts are installed, A 5/16 stainless steel bolt is tightened with a lock washer.

For the back pads we take out the taillights, reach inside the bed rails and tighten down with a 5/16 lock nut.


Click “Add to Cart” image below to send a $300 deposit for a ladder rack through PayPal.

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Once the deposit is sent, please fill out the form provide below to submit your purchase details.

You will then be sent an invoice on the following work day. Racks generally take 2-4 weeks to arrive.

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